My Emacs Configuration

"Emacs distributions" are quite popular as a way to give a lot of extra functionality without much extra effort. I seem to frequently notice discussions about how getting a good, stable, customized Emacs setup is too difficult to manage by one's self, and that such "distributions" are needed in light of this. While I'm not trying to suggest that they aren't needed, or aren't good, I would say that they are no replacement for knowing a little bit about Emacs' plumbing, and how to find what you need in general.

My Emacs configuration is a fully "manual" setup that I hope demonstrates how potentially simple it is to jazz up Emacs without a large abstraction layer. It is the result of many years of trying new things, and wanting a good amount of features but also not wanting a full-on IDE. It has toggle-able support for several languages, and is self-installing (for the most part).

Check it out on sourcehut!

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This page was last modified on: 2020-07-26